We began our journey a few years back and have loved every minute of it. San Clemente is a great town, with great people and we get to feed them. Along the way, we've received some acknowledgment for what we do. Here are a couple examples of what people are saying. Come in and see for yourself what makes MRK Public special.

Best New Restaurants | April 2016


We have been featured a number of times in OrangeCoast Magazine. This time, they put us and our Tuscan Toast on the cover.


Find a ragged but well-sited burger stand,IMG_5683 add three local chefs with fine-dining chops, spiff up the joint to a casual sheen, and beach-town diners appear—repeatedly. The lure is polished New American cooking that complements rotating kegs of craft beer ... (read more)

San Clemente's MRK Public gastropub thrives


The burger is terrific: a half-pound of great beef topped with white cheddar and slow-roasted tomatoes. They make a short rib sandwich, too, loaded with Fresno chilies, horseradish cream and frizzled onions, which makes me pine for that same wonderful wine-braised short rib as a potential entree... (read more)

270 Reviews and Counting




Great service and the short rib sandwich is fabulous! Fries were great too. Oarsman Ale was good too! I will definitely come back after a surf in the near future. I don't understand the bad reviews. I think some people are just cranky or something. What's not to like? Banana bread desert was reeeeaaaaaallllyyy good too. ... (read more)

San Clemente Trio Open Gastro Pub


Get ready to embrace the hybrid experience when you visit MRK l Public. Check out the menu on their website before you go in so you know what they have. Park in the private parking lot, stroll past the carefully crafted wall of succulents, and walk up to the smiling face at the counter. Order a $5 pint of craft beer or a fine wine and a bowl of hot roasted nuts or perhaps some fresh poke. And while you’re at it, order the burger as well. ... (read more)


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